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Wellfleet Consulting, Inc is based in Rockville MD, specializes in Information Technology Services. We are in the business of helping IT organizations operate more productively and profitably through a full spectrum of specialized staffing and project services. Wellfleet was founded on the underlying principles of providing our customers with the best value in technical resources and excellent customer service.

This Commitment to Excellence is based upon the experiences and lessons learned through more than 20 years in the information technology industry. Our relationships with our customers consist of ensuring we thoroughly understand their requirements, provide the best possible solution for those requirements, and then ensure we keep a consistent direct line of communication. The true Value offered to our customers is achieved by our dedication to this commitment.

For IT professionals, Wellfleet offers stellar opportunities for successful career growth. We give first-rate candidates the opportunities to build the world leading systems and applications. Wellfleet also offers these professionals powerful learning experiences; therefore, we select only those candidates who easily adapt to the new technologies and tools that best serve our customers.


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