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Staff Supplementation

Requirement definition, strategic planning, development, testing, training – every IT department is forced to juggle multiple roles. Not to mention the additional tasks and projects which come up on a regular basis, which often don’t come with an increase in staff. When an IT department needs help, Wellfleet is there to provide exactly the staff members required at lightning speed.

Wellfleet has established a network of technical consultants and strategic partnerships to support today’s technology. We have the ability to offer contracted employees as well as offering permanent placement services and contract to hire scenarios. Succeeding in staff supplementation is directly linked to having relationships with a diverse client base, providing qualified candidates, and delivering high levels of customer satisfaction – all of which are features of doing business with Wellfleet.

The Wellfleet Staffing Process Our process is the culmination of 20 years experience in the IT services industry.
  1. New Requirement: The fulfillment process begins when you send a job requisition to the Wellfleet account team. We qualify the position—to ensure the job description is complete and accurate—and enters it into Wellfleet’s Web-based recruitment system, which automatically publishes the position to leading job boards. In addition to advertising, we post all jobs on our own Career Portal and find many candidates through an extensive network of personal referrals—a network built up over 20 years. And, more often than not, we find qualified candidates among the many former Wellfleet consultants and registered job seekers in our substantial data warehouse.

  2. Application Processing: Wellfleet' end-to-end, Web-based recruitment and tracking system accepts online and emailed applications. The system matches candidates with specific interests and capabilities to specific jobs using our proprietary algorithms. A dedicated Wellfleet Placement Manager (PM) is alerted to the presence of prospective matches and will then perform a careful manual review of the resume, as the next step in the process of elimination.

  3. Screening Call: If an applicant is found initially suitable for a particular position, your dedicated Wellfleet representative will conduct the screening call and ask follow-up questions regarding the candidate's background and current situation.

  4. Skills Assessment: Candidates who pass the initial screening will be invited to take a technical skills assessment test. Depending on the skill area, the evaluation is conducted over the phone by a technical expert, or through a Web-based assessment test. At your option, the expert can be an internal employee (potential colleague) or a Wellfleet consultant currently working on-site.

  5. Background Check: We then perform a background check on your behalf that includes reference calls.

  6. Application Delivery: Once these checks are confirmed, we lock in a contractual rate of pay and only then presents a formal job application to you, the client.

  7. Onsite Interview: If you wish to interview a particular candidate, we will schedule a meeting time for you and deliver the candidate to you at the appointed time. There is no obligation to hire or financial responsibility until you decide to make an offer.

  8. Offer: If you are interested in hiring, we will present an offer to the candidate at the previously fixed rate and handle the paperwork. Our service guarantee stipulates that you may request replacement of your consultant for any reason during the first 2 contract weeks. Wellfleet will not charge for that consultant's time.

  9. Ongoing Services: Throughout the length of the contract, the new hire will have a dedicated Wellfleet representative to handle administrative items without any responsibility on your part. This enables the consultant to focus on what s/he does best - the project at hand - while assuring you of a highly valuable service.
Regardless of the technical expertise that you need, Wellfleet is here to help. For more information about our Wellfleet services, please call 301-670-2801 or write

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